Irrigation efficiency in Egypt

26th April 2022, Cairo, Egypt.

For the DESALT farming project, Nectaerra has carried out trials on the irrigation efficiency of drip systems. Considering different factors such as soil characteristics, weather conditions, soil salinity levels and irrigation maintenance, an adjusted irrigation scheme was applied. The goal was to decrease irrigation water use by spreading the amount applied over multiple intervals.   Last season, compared to the business-as-usual strategy, the water use for the tomatoes at SEKEM Group was reduced by almost 10%  Still, soil sensors have shown a high soil moisture content. This means that even with a water use reduction of 10%, it would still be more than necessary. That is great news! This means it is possible to increase the water efficiency by decreasing water use by more than 10%!
Thanks to the cooperation of SEKEM Group and our Dutch partners Delphy International and The Salt Doctors to promote sustainable agriculture practices in arid and salt-affected areas with the support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
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